The son of Haitian immigrants overcoming stereotypes by excelling in STEM, investing in travel, and seeking new adventures

Dalvin Josias Sejour, is CEO of Dalvin Digital Design & a Software Engineer. He graduated from Montclair State Univeristiy majoring in Information Technology (I.T.) and a minor in Business. When he isn't coding, he is managing a team of bright creatives who serve an array of customers for various digital needs. His services range from Domain Management, Web Development, Photography, and Graphic Design.

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The Guidebook To Securing High Profile Internships

A Step-By-Step Guide To Navigating Corporate America Early in Your Career

This book is not fiction or click-bait. It is a real story about my life and how I got started off in my career, while literally starting from scratch with no industry connections. By making a plan, taking a few leaps of faith, trying something new, and being my authentic self, I was able to go from stocking shelves at a local grocery store to securing 7 internships in my field both in the US and abroad doing what I love the most. As CEO of Dalvin Digital Design and a full-time Software Engineer, I, Dalvin Sejour will go through a step-by-step guide to replicate my early career success through my riveting, real and informational narrative.

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